About Paul Manly

Paul Manly was born in Port Alice on Vancouver Island, B.C. He has travelled widely and lived in other parts of Canada but Nanaimo and Ladysmith have always been his home base. His grandfather had a farm just outside of Nanaimo and Paul spent his formative years growing up in Ladysmith. He has been living in Nanaimo since 2002.

Raised in a political family, Paul developed a keen interest in social and economic justice, environmental stewardship and politics, and it is these issues that have formed who he is now. As a researcher, filmmaker and communications specialist, Paul has committed his skills and knowledge to the creation of media that educates, informs and adds to public dialogue on issues of importance.

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Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May

Since August 2006, it has been my honour to serve as the leader of the Green Party of Canada. The truth is the real leadership of this party is the grassroots—our membership—and above and beyond that, the values that inspire us all.

The Green Party is not like any of Canada’s other political parties. Our mission is to rescue grassroots democracy from the hyper-partisan spin that makes voters recoil. Our goal is to ensure that the planet, the biosphere and our part of it, survive and thrive for our children and theirs and theirs...

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 - 20:48

Last night was not the result any of us wanted, but it would be wrong to look at this simply as a defeat.

What we have achieved, in terms of the growth of our party here in Nanaimo—Ladysmith, bodes well for the future of our riding, our province, and our country. This has not only been about politics, we have built the foundation of a positive Green movement.

We may have...

Sunday, October 18, 2015 - 15:38

To judge by the plethora of anti-Harper signs, billboards, bumper stickers and Facebook pages such as ‘Vote to Stop Harper,’ ‘National Stop Harper Campaign,’ and my personal favourite ‘End the Nightmare—Stephen Harper Must Go,’ a reasonable person might conclude that our PM is the most reviled leader in the G7.

This revulsion has spawned a disturbing anti-democratic trend in...

Saturday, October 17, 2015 - 06:34

We have a Westminster style of government based on the British parliament. In this form of government each party has a person called the Whip. They make sure that when important debates and votes are held, there are enough party members in parliament to make the vote go the way they want. They decide what committees a party member will get to sit on, determine who gets what seat or office, and...